What Does Turmeric Do For You As You Grow Older?

The question “what does turmeric do for you” has been explored a great deal. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are fairly well-known and it has conventionally been used as a skincare agent and cosmetic aid.
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But the question “what does turmeric do for you” when age sets in is a comparatively less explored one.

As old age sets in, the human body will become weaker and we become more prone to illnesses like diabetes, varicose veins, cardiovascular complaints, arthritis, cholesterol or even malignancy. This spice is essentially an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial and studies have also suggested it to have some effect against cancer and HIV. All these properties can prevent and control the diseases that can be component of anyone’s old age.

Besides these, it has also been hypothesized that the herb has some effect against that great curse of old age – the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. Although the research has not completely established the connection, statistically at least, Alzheimer’s seems to be found less in old people who consume more turmeric. So it is surely among the benefits of “what does turmeric do for you” within your old age. With cancer, it is discovered to show its effect in a prophylactic way and also in controlling it once it has developed.

Conventionally, turmeric is mixed with slake lime to create sodium curcuminate and used in exterior applications to control joint inflammation, sprains and aches. The pure compound can also be orally ingested with food and drink to get similar benefits. Another benefit which is relevant with advancing age is its positive effect on the heart by controlling cholesterol.

Now that the question, what does turmeric do for you in old age, has been answered, one has to decide ways to get all that goodness into one’s body. While it is strongly recommended that some be obtained via daily food preparation, the best way is to take it as part of a multi ingredient supplement. This is good for people of all ages and even better if you are on the threshold of old age.

Besides the prophylactic role it plays regarding cancers like melanoma, it also gaps the process of aging. In elderly sufferers with rheumatoid arthritis, ingestion of ancillary turmeric can result in remarkable improvement in the swelling of joints, stiffness of limbs and ability to walk. Additionally it is helpful in protecting and reviving the liver.

As a regular consumer of a multi ingredient supplement which contains turmeric, I have experienced some of the benefits. In the capsular form with enteric coating, these supplements facilitate the absorption of the nutrient into the bloodstream using its potency. In multi component supplements, it is presented together with nutrients like piperine, biloba extract plus green tea extract. These combinations substantially boost the healing potential of turmeric and help the user to get the maximum benefits of all the herbs. If you would like to know more regarding these supplements, please visit my website.