Free of charge Gift Cards For Teens : They Love Gift Cards to purchase CDs With

Teens still love to buy compact discs specially when a popular artist comes out that people desire to be able to purchase music from within large numbers. With the prices involved with big chain stores like Sam Goody and the Virgin Megastores the idea of low cost cards for the purchasing of compact discs is a great idea. With the discount cards creating cheaper prices many of the artists thus support the idea of a low cost card in order to create more report sales.

The fact of the matter is the fact that when you are first starting out and occur to get your first record deal, you are almost concerned with the idea of getting more of your music out there as opposed to selling a ton of records and making a bunch of dollars in the beginning.
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With the rise of music sharing sites such as Napster greatly impacting the amount of record sales amongst teens, the record companies have to find a new strategies order to compete. A way of leveling the playing field a slight bit against the music sharing sites is through these gift cards. This means that famous record executives for example Berry Gordy and Clive Davis should also be supporting the idea of this discount cards. It is a small phase to be offering discount cards as a way of competing against these free of charge music sharing sites, but the truth is that every little bit helps. Of course people like Berry Gordy and Clive Davis have already made enough money so they tend to underestimate the value of a price cut card for a compact disc.

Other people in the music business would discourage teenagers from using a discount card simply because they already know how many slices of the cake have to be dished out already. If we are already talking such a small bit of pie they don’t want their cut to be cut down further. This is an inaccurate assessment of the value of discount cards for compact discs.