Marketing With Integrity – Keeping Recognize Alive in the Selling Game

In its core, like the world we all live in, sales is an honorable area – a psychology and individual understanding so intertwined with our every day lives that its essence can be evident in many of the things we do and say.

While the entire world is full of evil elements and decay, I can put the windows straight down and drive south on the interstate with the sunlight beating down and the wind in my hair and make all of those things go away. There is sufficient beauty in the world to keep ourselves getting up every day. There is enough beauty within sales to keep us waking up into it every day as well.

Capitalism in its finest, Utopian form, makes our world perform monetarily; supply and demand, conference customer needs and servicing the client effectively and with care keep the machine finely tuned. However , just like the planet, when the seven deadly sins — namely greed – enter the picture, anything can take a turn for that worst.

It is our duty, since noble knights of the selling job, to keep honor in the game. True salespeople are not cheaters, not liars, and never human manipulators; they are listeners, they may be givers and they are more concerned with placing the needs of the many in front of their own. Sadly, there are a lot of unscrupulous salespeople, sales supervisors and above in the selling sport. Our prime directive, however , is to maintain discipline and integrity and ethics in what is a sometimes dirty game.

Just as the world is not inherently bad or evil, neither will be sales. A few bad apples give the orchard a lousy name. Bear in mind: we have a holy trinity of sales to satisfy on every deal – be it a solitary call or visit, a negotiation or a long-lasting relationship.
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The customer, the company and the salesperson must be satisfied on every deal – short-change any of those three and that is what leads to an unhealthy sales balance.

Many a time, I have seen companies talk out of both sides of the mouth; they dismiss shady selling out of one side, but in the other they promote it by doing nothing about it or commending great performances that were brought about unethically. Stay solid. Find ways to creatively weave everything into your arsenal without crossing the line. Once you cross, there is no going back.

Much of sales can be the words we choose to make use of, handling sales objections, overcoming concern and usage of statistics to further our cause of satisfying that holy trinity. However , when you start skipping steps, when you bend the rules, fudge the amounts, tell half-truths and slick your path to the sale, no one wins.

Consider it: sure, you may get to mark that will stick tally on the board today and ring the bell. You may get that pat on the back from your boss. But when the product or services fails to deliver for the customer, who else wins? When you or your company or your goods get a bad name because of that failure, who benefits? What will be the potential fallout within the black eye of a faulty popularity?

The best salespeople see the big image of all of their words, actions plus strategies. And, in the end, no one benefits (least of all the honor of the selling game) if you or anyone else gives sales a bad name.

Treat the particular selling game well and it will reciprocate.

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