A Spot Light on the Challenges You Will Face Looking For Large Size Women Shoes

Are you finding it hard to get large size women shoes? You are not alone. I put on size 12-13 women shoes and I know what it means to be desperate trying to get a new pair of shoes. And you would think, shoes are galore. The following are the challenges I have faced while trying to step out in a new pair and I know many other women, tall or with wide legs, have faced the same. Maybe you are reading this because you face the same challenges. I will let you know how I have overcome the obstacles but first let us get down to each of them. First most local stores do not stock large size women shoes. For some reason they do not consider them as part of their merchandise. However if you find a local store which has wide width or large size shoe then they are either, too expensive, low quality or they have a very limited collection. I know this from experience. Secondly most women with large feet, buy shoes out of desperation. You try to search for shoes and you do not find. It is time consuming. For the most part we have shoes that we bought just because it was a size that fit and then we never wore them. It is costly. Some shoes are also of very low quality and so they do not last very long. Another challenge is that, some shoes look neat and beautiful in the normal sizes but in the plus size, those same shoes,look out of shape and nothing like the shoes in the normal size. You buy the shoe and it all bulky and awkward. In addition most women with long or wide legs buy shoes on the top range. If you wear size 12 then you may end up buying size 13 and then soon or later the shoes is stretched out and not fitting. If you are looking for large size women shoes online, then you may get a shoe you like but the color you want may not be available in the particular size range. And sometimes you order a pair only to realize it does not fit well or does not fit your style. Finally as woman with a big leg, I tend to settle for less out of frustration and lack of time to try and try again. I have been lucky to get some nice fitting, good looking shoes and I have treasured them but it is hard. My solution has been to buy shoes online. I buy From a store or a vendor that has free return, this way I can order more pairs and return those that do not fit. Online shopping may have its own challenges  sandales femme  as I will mention in the next article but it has proved to work 90% of the time.