The benefits and Disadvantages of Hiring Private Security Companies for Businesses

Therefore you have started your very own business and order to keep it up and running without the fear of security threats, you must hire a protective company. Now the main problem when it comes to hiring protective companies is actually to opt for private security businesses or whether to build an in house security team. If your business is relatively new and you don’t have enough capital to begin your own in house security department for your company, here are some pros and cons of employing private security companies.

Cost Effectiveness associated with Hiring Private Security Companies

One of the biggest advantages you can get from hiring a safety company is that you can save a big amount of money. You won’t have to place ads in the newspaper for security protects so no advertising fee has to be paid. You won’t have to hire teaching professionals to train the security guards you hire because they will already have sufficient training and special skills trained to them by their agency. Administration costs associated with retaining the protective guards is going to be zero because that will already be handled by the private security company.

So basically, you won’t have to worry about administrative costs, hiring and training costs and advertisement costs. You will be amazed by the amount you will have saved in just one year of hiring a private protection company rather than building a security group of your own.
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Flexibility by Hiring Private Security Officers on Contract Basis

Another golden advantage you get by hiring officers from reputed protection agencies is flexibility. You can raise or decrease the number of security authorities on duty as you please. You can decide to terminate a security guard without the need of an insurance policy write up or employee union issues. This is another advantage you get when you hire security guards on contractual basis from security agencies. If you don’t such as the quality of service being offered to you by the agency, you can simply opt out of the contract without making any extra payments or fines.

Lack of Dedication Can Become an Issue

A major downside to hiring guards is that they lack commitment towards your business. Private security guards employed on contract basis tend to have a carefree attitude towards serving a third party employer. This is because they don’t get to enjoy the same benefits that career workers due which cause a feeling of resentment towards the employer.

High Worker Turnover Rate

Another problem you might face when hiring an agency may be the high turnover rate of employees. Most contractual officers leave their jobs to become career employees. Preparing due to the low salary packages that are offered to them by security agencies. You will find no promotions given so basically, it is a dead end job along with little or no improvement.