The Law of Attraction and the Part You Play in Controlling That Legislation

The Law of Attraction, like all the other numerous Laws of the Universe, is immutable, neutral and like a beautiful, low-hanging fruit, ours for the plucking. Other than that it isn’t quite as easy as achieving up into the branch of a shrub and picking a ripe apple.

You can find rules, laws and exercises we must obey and practice if we are going to to fully enjoy the benefits of this resources of the Universe. But to catch the attention of the things we want to us, we must approach the Law with a mind full of good thoughts, allowing no room whatever for negativity.

Let’s say you’ve just lost your job, your spouse has walked from you and you have a nasty dose associated with ‘flu. Positive thoughts would probably function as the farthest things from your mind. The truth of the matter is that if you’d been practicing the Law associated with Attraction, you probably wouldn’t be laboured with the awful troubles that encounter you now. Except the ‘flu!

But if you are in the situation I’ve just explained, the more you wallow in your agony and unhappiness, the worse you are going to become. Realize this first of all. I’m sure you’ve seen it written and heard it spoken periods without number, but like draws in like.

Say you’re on an aeroplane, and you find yourself sitting next to a person who insists on telling you what a miserable life they’re having. Virtually every word that comes from their mouth is negative. At journey’s end, occur to be ready to positively sprint off the ‘plane and by the time you reach your car to drive home, you’re probably completely depressed.

And all because some unhappy person has planted the seed products of misery in your mind. But it works the other way, too, doesn’t this?

Sit with a happy, cheerful person and you too will find your mood elevated. Try to avoid a Chuckles the Clown type, with his revolving bow tie up and water-squirting flower in the buttonhole. Just someone who sees the glass half full.

We’ve discussed this particular before, but it bears repeating. Far too much useless rubbish is trained in schools.
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A great deal more could be achieved, and the world would be a much better location, were the Law of Attraction and other natural Laws, part of the curriculum.

Legislation of Attraction is so real. Just because you can’t treat it precisely like our analogy of the fruit at the beginning of this short article, doesn’t make it any the much less a fact. You can’t see electricity, but you can see the effects. Just so with legislation.

Over the last few years, there have been some interesting experiments conducted which are tangential towards the Law. A gentleman named Masaru Emoto, born in 1943, a writer and Doctor of Alternative Medicine, has been experimenting with water for many years now.

His hypothesis is that water droplets, which he has photographed by specialists in the field, take on a certain beauty when surrounded by happy, peaceful ideas. The same goes if they’re extracted from very pure mountain streams, which haven’t known pollution.

If the thoughts are ugly, unpleasant and damaging, then the water drops themselves take on an ugly shape. He seems that since the human body is made up of over 70% of water, then will be certainly definitely a physical correlation right here. There could well be a grain, (or should I say a drop! ), of truth in what he posits.