Boasts Van Rentals For Group Journey

With dozens of sports teams, family affairs and special interest groups touring in Maui your best and most inexpensive travel option on the Island could be a van rental. You can save upon not only the rental is self, but with a large group the fuel costs are almost next to nothing!
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Maui is a tourist hot spot destination for a lot of group activity all year round so why take up a large tour bus when you are able rent a comfortable and affordable vehicle. Most of the large car rental companies within Maui have a whole range of vans to rent for any group size. The vans allow for a more romantic travel experience with your friends apposed to some noisy and over crowded coach where you might not get to sit along with your mates.

With gas going up in price and no end in sight, a van is the perfect solution to be cellular and cut down costs by more than 50% compared to any other form of team rental in Maui. Van rental companies such as Hertz offer a few different sizes of vans which include everything from a normal mini van to a 10 seat larger van. 2 of the larger vans could easily fit a while sports team whilst still be much less costly than hiring an entire bus!

Next time your team travel takes a trip to the stunning city of Maui rent a van and help keep gas emissions and highway traffic lower by renting a van. Check with your favorite car rental company to see what rates plus vehicles they have to offer in the area. Delighted travels!