Dreaded Disease Policies

In times past, having a regular health insurance policy along with a whole life or term life insurance policy involved all of the insurance anyone would have to cover them in the event of a health crisis or death. Today many individuals are involved about their chances of contracting one of the numerous dreaded diseases which afflict hundreds of thousands each year. This has led to some insurance providers providing a dreaded disease insurance policy.

People who may have a cancer or other forms of major illnesses in their family history are more prone to having these ailments also. It is for this reason that many are now taking out a dreaded disease in insurance policy to help in the event that they give in to one of these diseases. Not only is definitely health insurance coverage limited in some guidelines, but also any pre-existing conditions might be omitted as covered.

A lot of the diseases today which are considered catastrophic will require some type of surgery, nutrition change or even expensive treatment in order for the patient to stand a reasonable chance of recovery. All of these things are very expensive and may perfectly deplete the amount of coverage offered by a lot of insurance policies. It is for this reason many individuals who may be at risk for these illnesses may seek out a separate insurance policy to health supplement their existing coverage.

Most feared diseases not only leave the patient battling for their lives, they are also left fighting their insurance companies and their healthcare providers in order to get the best care probable and the bills paid. It’s a sad fact of life, but it holds true that sometimes you will not get the therapy you need if you are not covered for it specifically in your insurance policy.

The thoughts of fighting an insurance company to have a life-saving treatment are enough to make a healthy person think twice. Someone who is actually sick and needing a special type of therapy, which may even be experimental won’t need the extra energy during all of worrying with the hospital and the insurance provider.

Dreaded disease in insurance policies may come as a stand-alone policy, or they could be a rider within a life insurance policy which will engage should the individual be identified as having a dreaded disease. This rider would most commonly allow the policyholder in order to tap into some of the death benefits to be able to pay for dreaded disease treatment.
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This type of rider is generally used to offset medical costs for the policyholder.

Some feared disease policies will only pay out a flat amount which varies from $1000-$50000 depending on what type of disease has been identified and how long the policy has been in force. There are certain policies which will require the policyholder to submit medical receipts to treatments which are covered in order to be reimbursed by the policy. With the amount of concern over dreaded illnesses being raised, the demand for people insurance policies is expected to increase in the near future.