How you can Learn Investing With a Money Publication Subscription

If you’re interested in investing, then you’ve probably checked out a few different magazines on the subject. In today’s marketplace, there are plenty of different choices regarding investment magazines, and each of them have their own unique selling points. Forbes is a higher-end magazine for bigger scale investors. Barron’s is a weekly publication with tons of statistics designed for professional investors and day investors. SmartMoney teaches a lot about pension investment strategies and long-term growth. One of the easiest investment magazines to understand from, though, is Money Magazine.
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Before you go out and purchase a Cash magazine subscription, first ask yourself if you fit the target demographic for their tips. Just like you wouldn’t want to follow the guidance in Forbes without having plenty of cash to invest, you want to see if Money is a great fit for you. Money magazine is usually aimed at new or amateur traders, with less money to work with. Middle and lower class households looking to make investments can also benefit from Money.

One example associated with advice to that target market is the listing of Money Magazine Best Mutual Funds. Also known as the Money70, every year the magazine ranks the top mutual funds based on a number of criteria: Management, Performance, MorningStar Grades, and a minimum of $100mil in assets. If you’re familiar with trading, you’ll know that mutual funds are a great place for smaller investors to place their money, as there’s less risk and still a decent return.

In case you fit the target market and you have in mind learning about investing, a Money journal subscription might be just right for you. Read each issue carefully, all of the content, advice columns, and stock/mutual fund profiles. If you see a step-by-step type of article that you think would work well with your current investment strategies, try applying it. Just reading and understanding all the information contained inside of an issue can help your knowledge of investing grow significantly.