How to Use Animated Video


Let’s kick off with some statistics from Forrester research:

64-85% of people are more likely to buy from you after seeing a product video
You are 53 times more likely to appear on the 1st page of Google if you use video on your website
The whole point about video is that people readily engage with it as a medium.

At one time animated video was solely for the realm of the big businesses with big budgets, but advances in technology have made it a possibility for more companies.

Video gets its message across quickly and the use of animation combines the power of images, text, voice and music to create something that is engaging, watchable and highly memorable.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect choice for everyone and every occasion.

Reasons for animation

No limits

Well, there are 2 limitations – your imagination and your budget. But other than that, animation can help you create all sorts of effects that would normally be impossible.


Let’s get one thing clear, animation isn’t simple, but the way it gets your message across is. If your product or sales message is quite complex it will also probably be dry. Animation gives you a way of injecting some fun to create something entertaining.


We’ve all grown up with animated films and cartoons, so it lends itself perfectly to story telling.
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Better than live action video, animation gives you the freedom to do anything so you can let your imagination run wild.


Using your brand’s colours, fonts and general feel within your animation will reinforce your brand and create a visual connection between your brand and your viewers.

Reasons against animation

OK, that sub-title is a bit misleading because what follows aren’t really reasons not to use animation (the main thing that fits that criteria is lack of budget), but rather situations where it wouldn’t be appropriate. Such as:

Testimonials – live action is always best here as people relate to people
Human touch – sometimes a real person is needed, such as with charity appeals that need to convey emotion
Products, people and places – at times, a brand is recognisable by one of those three Ps, in which case a live action video would be more effective (think Richard Branson and Virgin)
The video format you go for will depend on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for.