Internet Developer vs Website Designer – An Ongoing Battle!

The issue is not which one wins but rather what type is more effective… for your current task anyway. To decide on the winner we drill down a little deeper into the definition and explanation of both of these fighting conditions. Web Development or Website Design who would win this fierce battle.

Lets use a look at our software development & style contenders:

First up the Website Developer
In its corner we have technology through: Flash, video technology, Animation, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, CSS, HTML. A heavy weight business website design contender indeed

The website designer not to be confused having a graphic design (one who designs websites and in other areas such as print out, advertising, book illustrations etc . more on graphic designers another time) is one who will be concerned with the layout, schemes and aesthetic values of a website; based on wikipedia this usually includes “hypertext or hypermedia”. In other words a professional website design company given the chance can enhance, create or produce a graphically pleasing website based on any vague or complex idea one can imagine.

The Website developer bring a graphical message to its user one that the pros call the client side of things

Second up the Web Developer
In its corner we have technology from: programming and scripting, CODE, PHP, C#, Java, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, Perl, Ruby, ASP,. INTERNET, ColdFusion or database technology for example MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, PostGreSQL, InterBase etc . Definitely making sure Internet site META tags are properly in place and Web content fits well with the web design. A heavy weight business web growth contender is amongst us.

An online developers role goes a little deeper but should not be considered more important than that of a web designer it should also not to be confused with a web programmer (one who specializes in scripting, coding, programming of software and programs for websites and other areas like desktops PC’s, MACS, Linux, covers etc . ). A web developer any who is concerned with the functionality of a web site. Web developers are immersed with the way the website flows; how each hyperlink is navigated and connected; SEO aspects such as Meta Tags, content, sitemap; how the design relates or matches to the content being presented; development and scripting of the website etc . A website developer is involved in both back-end and front-end of your internet site. In other words a professional web developer will that your web pages are debugged plus error free.

The Web developer brings a problem solving; development; programming attitude to the table, delivering a message of clarity to its user. One that the pros call the client side plus server side of things.

The one thing we are able to be sure of is that the web developer and website designer must know inside and out how to duke away the HTML (Hypertext Markup language), which is a set of commands and tags that make up the primary markup language of the internet.