Enterprise Content Management – Features plus Benefits

A completely automated and optimized printing plus imaging environment can maximize efficiency, improve efficiency and contribute positively to customer experience. Automation of an organization’s print environment can help save more than 30% of its printing expenses and, mechanization of paper-intensive workflows can improve it even further. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions deal with unstructured data in physical documents, e-mails, word processing, digital images, PDF files etc . by scanning, storing, preserving and delivering content on-demand or interactively… The ECM solutions manage the complete life period of content to meet business vital needs, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize protection and minimize overhead.

Business require: Nowadays, organizations are facing issues in managing content and details across departments. So , the smart agencies are looking for the innovative service providers to control the complex structured and unstructured content and drive business corporate compliance. The business applications are getting mobile, to maximize the business opportunities and improve decision-making with effective strategy effect, organizations are looking to implement the ECM solutions. For more information about ethersmart.org check out the web-site.

Core features of ECM Solutions:

Content Creation: Content is collected from a variety of sources like e-mail, instant message, text document, spreadsheet, Electronic forms & paper documents/forms.
Scanning and Content Capture: Documents are captured and scanned via a scanner or some multifunction device. The images captured through the product are processed and centralized to business system to optimize the scanning operations. The documents are usually translated by using the effective recognition systems that extracts the required data.
Indexing and Search Enablement: Based on keywords or full text, the captured data is categorized from the scanned documents for future retrieval based on taxonomy.
Data Archival and Collection: The ECM solutions benefit you by providing a system that allows you to get the information put in before.
Sharing plus Collaboration: This feature of ECM solution enables the internal and external users to create and maintain the projects by sharing and collaborating for the common platform.
Multichannel Delivery: The ECM solutions seamlessly integrate with other enterprise applications and allow you to handle and deliver content across multi-channel.
Document Version and Access Manage: Content access is restricted as needed during any phase of creation, implementation and management.
Business Procedure Management: The integrated ECM solutions provide storage of internal files which addresses business requirement of any kind of physical documents as and when required during the business process.
Real time advantages from your ECM Solution:

Easy storage associated with paper documents through scanning plus conversion into electronic form
Cut down significantly on manual intervention and increase productivity
Simplify & automate processes, reduce costs, eliminate human error and prevent loss of information
Easy maintenance and tracking of documents
At any time access through mobile and other gadgets
Minimize/eliminate storage costs of document documents
Improved monitoring of important business processes
Integration with existing ERP, CRM