Understanding Sexually Transmitted Diseases – The particular Clap

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD are one of the most severe clinical challenges faced by mankind. These diseases spread for every person by means of sexual transactions. Common attention is one of the best tools to fight these diseases. Although many people are usually becoming aware of these by help of government effort and NGOs, many still feel shame and are deserted when they are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the common names among the sexually transmitted diseases may be the Gonorrhea. This disease is also known as the clap. The word clap finds the origin in the French word ‘clapier’ meaning a brothel, as these illnesses are most commonly spread by prostitutes and persons of other similar occupations. Others opine that it originates from the old French word ‘clapoir’ which means sexual sore.

Gonorrhea, one of the frontrunners of sexually transmitted diseases, is really a bacterial infection that infects around 700, 000 people in the US a year. This disease never spread by expressing toilets and bathrooms; but through vaginal, oral and anal sex connections with infected people as well as by birth (opthalmia neonatorum). Although ‘the clap’ is seldom documented to spread despite safe sex, a male has 20% possibility of catching it through an unsafe intercourse episode while a female has a danger factor of 60-80%.

Some of the situations of the clap are asymptomatic, whereas others can present in various ways.
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A man infected with gonorrhea can show symptoms such as yellowish discharge from the male organ as well as painful urination in two to thirty days after the infection. Frequently it exhibits symptoms such as temperature. On the other hand, gonorrhea infected women will produce symptoms such as discharge from the vagina, difficulty in urination, off-cycle monthly bleeding, vomiting, fever and sometimes even bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Sexually transmitted disease the clap is often a severely feared disease while there is no reason to do so. It is a treatable actually curable disease. In the United States, this particular disease is treated with powerful remedies recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). In the United Kingdom most of the cases of gonorrhea are treated in dedicated sexual health clinics across the country. Only sometime this disease might be hard to fight as it comes in a drug resistant strain. To make the treatment more effective, PDPT (patient delivered partner therapy) is being followed all around the globe where the sexual partner of the individual is also tested and treated, in case diagnosed.

Although gonorrhea cannot be a tough disease to fight; if left untreated, it may lead to unexpected complications; some of them may be as severe as joint problems, sterility and even damage to heart valves.