Using Instagram As a Marketing Tool

Whilst Instagram continues to grow in popularity, therefore many easily accessible customers just waiting to like your image, it just makes sense for businesses to become active on this social media platform. Some businesses may think that all they have to do is publish an image and wait for followers to comment and like their picture; however it does require a little more effort than that to benefit from the marketing and advertising advantages that can be gained through the internet site.

One of the first things that a new user must do is to take full advantage of the Bio area that is featured on the top of your user profile. This valuable space should be used to recognize who your business is, what you do, as well as your website information. You should also make this room entertaining for visitors, include a small personality that will show you are not yet another boring business trying to jump on the particular Instagram bandwagon. You should also link all your social media accounts to your Instagram account. This will enable you to share images and videos that you have shared.
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This is a great way to increase visitors between all of your different social media balances. If your business has a Facebook web page, you should include links to your Instagram account.

The images that you decide to share on your Instagram account needs to be personal and not purely promotional. In case you feature images that are more private in nature and not something that can be found in a magazine, you will begin to create a presence that is more personable and approachable. These are the types of pictures that followers can relate to and revel in on a regular basis. You will also notice that these types of pictures often experience the most comments and interaction among followers than other images that are often posted simply by other businesses.

To ensure that your images can be found by interested parties, you should consist of hashtags. Carefully chosen hashtags can ensure that your images show up in search results and get the attention of the individuals you are trying to reach. It has been shown that will users who use at least five hashtags received the most interaction through users. If you have established a popular hashtag on other social media websites, you need to continue to use that hashtag on Instagram as well.