How Does The Water Fed Pole Cleaning Window Cleaning System Work?

If you use pure water to clean then you will get outstanding results. This is evident in the cleaning of clothes and our bodies when we take showers. Many people have bathed their babies in purified water with the addition of baby formula to the water. If the water is mineral free then it will naturally bind with dirt, organic materials and minerals and remove them from the object where it is being applied. With the water fed pole system for window cleaning, purified water is forced through hoses up the pole and then to the brush at the end of it.

The windows are cleaned by the agitation of the dirt that resides on the glass. The purified water lubricates and breaks the bond between the grime and the window pane. Once this is achieved the window is then rinsed off thoroughly to ensure any leftover sediment is washed away. In some cases window cleaning companies will come equipped with a fairly large container of purified water in their vehicle to tackle your windows. Other companies may carry backpacks or use trolleys to carry the water and it is possible to obtain a portable purification unit which is no larger than a normal sized window cleaner’s bucket.

Each job will have its own set of challenges to use this method of window cleaning. Buildings vary in their construction and access can be very limited in some circumstances. As an example the erecting of ladders can be difficult due to the proximity of the next building to it. For the larger buildings they often have facilities for window cleaners to drop down from the roof but often these facilities are not maintained properly and are therefore not used because of the dangers associated. The water fed pole system can normally reach heights of up to 80 feet which is very convenient for a lot of buildings.
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This does not mean that every window can be cleaned using this method. There will certainly be situations where cleaning is not possible using these tools. It is a good option in most situations and the larger the building that you need windows cleaning for the more money you should save by employing this innovative tool. The system will always clean windows and there frames much more effectively than a squeegee. This is because the flowing water reaches places that a squeegee cannot including the grooves of the window frames. It is much safer as there are no requirements for ladders or other elevation devices. The person cleaning the windows never leaves the ground. It also takes a lot less time than conventional cleaning and the job can be achieved in up to 50% less time. There is no need to check for certain weather conditions either when using the water fed pole system. If it is raining then there will be no rain spots caused by rain reactivating soap residues and it is not affected by the strong sunlight either.