Choosing an Organic Bovine Colostrum Supplement

Since new information continues to emerge regarding the health benefits of organic bovine colostrum, interest in this natural dietary supplement keeps growing.
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In response, many manufacturers now provide both non-organic and organic bovine colostrum supplements that are obtained from a number of different colostrum sources and prepared using a variety of different techniques.

Considering that there can be a correspondingly wide variant in the safety and overall usefulness of these supplements, further consideration of both their colostrum sources plus processing techniques has become increasingly important for choosing the most beneficial among them.

Choosing natural bovine colostrum is good in the same way that will choosing organic foods is good. Although it has been difficult to determine with technological certainty the overall effects of pesticides on human health, it is believed that organic foods are more nutritious largely because organically grown plants tend to be more healthy.

In a similar way, the quality of bovine colostrum depends largely on the health of the cow that manufactures it. Cows that have been fed diets based on pesticide-laden plants, or have been subjected to medications like growth hormones or antibiotics, are usually in general less healthy than their particular organically raised counterparts. This reduces the quality of the colostrum they produce, and increases their potential for harm through the transmission of the toxins these types of cows ingest.

Choosing organic bovine colostrum that is taken immediately after calves are born and harvested through very large source herds is better yet. Colostrum taken within 24 hours right after calving will have higher concentrations associated with beneficial components and greater immunotherapeutic potential, and larger source herds produce colostrum having a higher level of uniformity from batch to set.

Another issue that may be important to think about has to do with the diet of the source cows. Because pasture-fed cows are uncovered by grazing to the complete range of antigens in their natural an environment, they must develop a stronger natural immunity.

It is suggested that this may make organic boeotian colostrum from pasture-fed sources more effective through the adoptive transfer of this improved immunity to humans. Since organic herds in the US are in general not really pasture fed, many manufacturers now source their colostrum from New Zealand and Australia, where pasture feeding is common.

Choosing an organic boeotian colostrum supplement that is processed refreshing, and uses a low-heat drying technique will ensure that its beneficial parts retain their maximum activity plus health benefits. Many manufacturers require abnormally cold of their source colostrum for transport, and some require the application of heat for your processing of their colostrum supplements.

Earlier frozen products are limited in how they can be processed, and alternate processing techniques can yield colostrum supplements that are insoluble in water and therefore less biologically active in the body.

Finally, the application of heat in the production process can denature many of the proteins components of the source colostrum, and colostrum supplements manufactured using excessive high temperature in general contain lower levels of important colostrum components and decreased biological activity.

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